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  • To be a values-led learning community, in which our shared understanding and practice ensures that everybody feels secure and significant and develops a strong sense of our common humanity together with a respect for diversity and difference.
  • To be a school where all success is celebrated, and where high expectations ensure that everybody is challenged and supported to achieve their very best, and to which we are proud to belong.
  • To have an evolving, stimulating and culturally-rich curriculum which responds to the needs and interests of all learners, ensuring that they enjoy their education and are equipped to achieve economic and spiritual well-being in a rapidly changing world.
  • To be a school where children are kept safe, encouraged to be healthy and equipped to make informed and positive life choices with increasing independence throughout their lives.
  • To be an inclusive, welcoming and thriving school at the heart of the local community, so that resources are shared for the benefit of all and everyone is encouraged to work together and make a positive contribution.
  • To be a more environmentally-responsible community, working actively towards sustainability and a sense of global citizenship