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Please see below for our Intent, Implementation and Impact statement.  


At Bletchingley, we are committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience the very best possible start to their education. We aim to provide high quality, meaningful, broad and balanced learning opportunities that meet the needs and interests of our children, in a context relevant to them, as unique individuals who learn in different ways and at different rates. Our holistic approach will provide children with the knowledge, skills and abilities to make sense of their world- encouraging a love of learning, so all children can reach their potential and become successful, confident lifelong learners.

Our curriculum meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework, drawing upon Development Matters 2021. It is developed around seven areas of learning and development that are important and interconnected- three ‘prime areas’ and four ‘specific areas’. The ‘prime areas’ are particularly important for igniting curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building children’s capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive. The ‘specific areas’ include essential skills and knowledge and allow opportunities for the prime areas to be strengthened and applied.

Prime Areas:

✓ Communication and Language (Listening, Attention and Understanding, and Speaking).

✓ Personal, Social and Emotional Development (Self-Regulation, Managing Self, and Building Relationships).

✓ Physical Development (Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills).

Specific Areas:

✓ Literacy (Comprehension, Word Reading, and Writing).

✓ Mathematics (Number, and Numerical Patterns).

✓ Understanding the World (Past and Present, People, Culture and Communities, and The Natural World).

✓ Expressive Arts and Design (Creating with Materials and Being Imaginative and Expressive).


Transition into Nursery and Reception

Transition is carefully planned to ensure a smooth transition for children into our Nursery and Reception classes.  Children and parents/carers need to feel secure and confident to face the new challenges of starting school and the significant changes as they progress through their school life. We recognise that children are vulnerable at stages of transition. We implement a range of strategies and activities to ensure a smooth and happy transition, including stay and play sessions, home visits, visits to previous early years settings, story times and induction sessions.