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We were inspected in March 2020 and were thrilled with the report which reflects the hard work and commitment every member of staff at BVPS demonstrates. We are equally proud of our academic results which can be found here. There were no tests in May 2020 due to COVID-19.

This is an inclusive school where everyone accepts and celebrates difference. Pupils understand that everyone is unique. They respect each other and try hard to make sure everyone gets along. Pupils take pride in being able to sort out any differences they may have themselves. When they cannot, they know staff will.

Leaders ensure that all pupils receive the best opportunities to thrive. Staff have very high expectations for what all pupils can achieve. Pupils try their very best to live up to these expectations. They are excited by their learning and eager to undertake challenges. They keep going when they find things hard and are rightly proud of how well they achieve.

Pupils love coming to school. Their enthusiasm for the wide range of opportunities on offer shines through. They excitedly describe how they are able to suggest and run their own clubs. They understand this is as long as they are sensible, of course.

Pupils regularly benefit from taking part in varied performances on the school stage. They describe their stage as ‘like a real theatre’ and appreciate how the performances help them to develop their confidence.