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Ordinarily Available Provision (OAP)

The term 'Ordinarily Available Provision' comes from the SEND Code of Practice and refers to the support that mainstream schools or settings are expected to provide for a child or young person through their agreed funding and resource arrangements. All schools in Surrey use the Ordinarily Available Provision Brochure to support children with additional needs; it sets out advice for schools on the types of provision that can be provided to support all children.

High Quality Teaching Expectations in Schools

High Quality Teaching considers the needs of learners, which then informs teacher planning and delivery to ensure all learning is accessible. This may involve teachers using a range of strategies - detailed in the toolkit - to support learners to access and engage with the curriculum. The toolkit can also be used to facilitate conversations between learners, parents, and educational settings. This includes supporting different groups of learners, such as those with special educational needs and disabilities, or those from disadvantaged groups. High Quality Teaching is sometimes referred to as Quality First Teaching.

Reasonable Adjustments

This identifies all aspects of high quality teaching that can be reasonably adjusted or adapted to support children with SEND.

Additional Support

This section identifies further intervention or support that is required by some children with SEND. This may include specific interventions, support from external agencies, training on specific needs for staff and access to additional resources. 

For further information about Ordinarily Available Provision, you can:

- Watch this video:

- Visit the Surrey Local Offer webpage: Ordinarily available provision (schools) | Surrey Local Offer

- View Surrey's Ordinarily Available Provision brochure here: Ordinarily Available Provision schools booklet (