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At Bletchingley Village Primary School, writing is a crucial part of our curriculum. All children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 are provided with many opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills across the curriculum. 

By the end of Year 6, our goal is for:

  • Children to have a love of writing
  • Children to have the ability to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and creatively through the written word.

In order for children to see themselves as successful writers, they need to be involved in writing for a real purpose, a range of genres and for different audiences.

We also intend to create writers who can re-read, edit and improve their own writing, and confidently use the essential skills of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

For Our Writing curriculum, we use the Talk for Writing approach, which over time enables children to read and write independently for a variety of audiences and purposes within different subjects. At Bletchingley, we have a big emphasis on oral rehearsal and speaking and listening, which is a key feature in the Talk for Writing process whereby children internalise the language structures.

The approach moves from dependence towards independence, with the teacher using shared and guided teaching to develop the ability in children to write creatively and powerfully.

The key phases of the Talk for Writing process, enable children to imitate orally the language they need for a particular topic, before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own version. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are all interwoven within a unit based on what fit a particular unit and around the needs of the child.